About Us

Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering (JOTAE) (ISSN:02575744) in an international peer-reviewed journal conducted by Taiwan agricultural engineering society since 2011. The journal covers all general sides of engineering scope and biological sciences which includes:

Engineering scope (but not limited to):

1. Agricultural Science and Engineering,
2. Computer science and engineering,
3. Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
4. Telecommunication engineering,
5. Food and Environmental Engineering,
6. chemical engineering,
7. Mechanical Engineering,
8. Industrial engineering

Biological sciences:

1. botany,
2. zoology,
3. microbiology and genetics,
4. molecular biology, biochemistry, biophysics,
5. sports science,
6. psychology,

Peer Review

The peer-review process is a single-blind process. that means the reviewer will be acknowledged about the author/s who is submitting the paper. there will be typically 3 reviewers for the paper. if 2 of the reviewer accept the paper, then the paper will be considered as accepted for the publication. the acceptance rate of the Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering (JOTAE) (ISSN:02575744) is 21%.

the basic criteria to be a reviewer for the paper is:

1. must have a Ph.D. degree in that field.
2. Must have published at least 1 article to internationally renowned journal in that specific field.
3. he/she can not publish his/her paper if he/she is the reviewer in the issue.

Broad Scope

It is obvious that the publication will help to improve the specific field in another part of the world and the great citation and impact factor of the Journal of Taiwan Agricultural Engineering will help to get acknowledged by others.


we are Scopus indexed journal since 2011 and it will help our author to get cited to other reputable journals.

Open Access

All the papers are open access journals. visitors can share, download the published paper by our open and share publishing policy.

Fast Track Peer

For conducting a better fast peer-review service in the Journal of Taiwan Agricultural engineering (JOTAE) (ISSN: 02575744), generally, the acceptance comes by 1 to 3 days. In some special cases, the time limit may stretch from 3 to 7 days.